Welcome to Syracuse Community Health, a place where superior healthcare means more than physical exams and sick visits. It means attention to emotional well-being, issues at home and challenges with work, housing and family. All of these factors, not just your physical symptoms, affect your health, and it’s our job to help you with all of it.

My association with Syracuse Community Health started many years ago when, living in the Mulberry Square housing project adjacent to the facility, I was a patient here, and I know first-hand the struggles and the value of a medical center such as Syracuse Community Health. Now, as its president and CEO, I am committed to ensuring that Syracuse Community Health remains accessible for many years to come.

While we are expanding our reach and the types of services we offer, opening ourselves to new communities, we do so with a strong foundation rooted in service to the underserved. Our new look under the Syracuse Community Health name demonstrates a history and vision of caring for anyone regardless of social status, financial means, race or gender. At Syracuse Community Health, we’ve been inclusive since our very beginning more than 44 years ago. It’s in our DNA. It’s why we exist.

In 2023 we will open a brand new state-of-the-art facility, designed specifically to provide whole-person care. More than simply incorporating a number of different services, the new center will promote true healthcare integration—meaning better care and a better experience for you. The facility will be bright and modern, and will be a stunning addition to the south edge of the Syracuse business district. It will rival the finest healthcare centers anywhere in central New York and be a place you’ll be proud to call your healthcare home.

New logos, names and buildings are great, but without a group of caring and compassionate staff, dedicated to the core mission of treating anyone and everyone as a whole person, they are just things. Here, you get both.

Syracuse Community Health. Healthy Happens Here

Mark Hall Bio

Mark joined Syracuse Community Health in February 2018 as its third president and CEO. He has an extensive background in healthcare finance spanning more than 39 years, and even served as Syracuse Community Health’s chief financial officer earlier in his career. A graduate of Bradley University, Mark holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting, and a master’s degree in health services administration from The New School for Social Research.

Mark has served health insurance companies, hospitals and nursing homes in and around the Syracuse area, and remains managing partner of M.S. Hall + Associates, a Syracuse-based healthcare consulting firm he launched 17 years ago to assist hospitals and other healthcare providers in meeting Medicare and Medicaid regulatory requirements. As part of their business growth strategy, data analytics, systems innovation and strategic design have become integral to their capabilities.

As a child, Mark was a patient at Syracuse Community Health, a history that grounds him in our mission and gives him an unwavering commitment to the underserved.